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Start of My 40 Year Collection - "Do it will feed your heart and soul..."

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

During the last forty plus years I have painted, created and collected antique and vintage things. My name is Danijela Pope, I am the owner of My 40 Year Collection. Our shop is located in Jacksonville, Florida and we have a shop on etsy. We are a collector, buyer, tinker, painter and jewelry maker. We sell handmade, vintage and repurposed goods.

As of recently, I have embraced this part of life, which I am so very passionate about and something I have always wanted to do. In school I studied fine arts, yet liife always had me in executive roles, which I was good at. Deep inside I was looking ahead to a day when all I will be doing is creating and painting. In my mind that was when I am old and I retire.

Several years back I ran into one of my professors from college and I shared with him what I plan to do after he inquired if I am still painting. Unfortuantelly at that time, I was not. He said, “You are making a mistake if you keep telling yourself you will do this down the road. You will never do it. Do it now, even if it’s for two minutes, it will feed your heart and soul and rest your mind. You are very talented and it would be a waste to let it go.” From that conversation on I painted every chance I had, experimenting with different mediums and subjects. He was right, It feels so good. Grateful for that.

This year, 2020 being sheltered I really drowned myself in these beautiful things, and started repurposing furniture. There is at least one good thing out of the pandemic and being sheltered, that is - I started My 40 Year Collection.

Thanks for your support and for being here. I am always a message away for any questions regarding our products and commissioned works.

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