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Several Easy Ways to Update your kitchen counter tops that bring you joy!

It’s not a secret that we spend most of our time in the kitchen. I am completely okay with that, as I know I do.

Weather your kitchen is fresh and new or old and charming, adding kitchen accessories is a great way to add practicality and beauty to any kitchen. Items that relate to you, bring you joy will always give your kitchen and inviting and warm, intimate feel. Despite the size of the kitchen styling counters and space in it will get the job done and give it personality.

Realtors will always tell you that it is the kitchen first that sells any home. I assume that is because we spend our most intimate times in this space. I know I spend many hours in the kitchen with family, cooking, mingling and sharing the happenings of the day. Even when the guests arrive we are standing around the kitchen island talking, snacking and enjoying a glass of wine or lemonade.

Styling the counters is simple, importantly without clutter. You should start off by rounding up your favorite kitchen accessories that are functional and most importantly bring you joy.

Particularly they would be canisters; containers; dish towels; timer, utensils, pitcher, tray, utensil holder, cutting board.

You can do so much with these. Cutting boards can add so much personality to a kitchen, and we use them often so the easy access is a plus.

Having a dish towl hanging from the sink or oven is one of my favorite touches. They are not very expensive, therefore you can update them frequently primarily to look nice and fresh and secondly to go along with the season or coordinate with the fruit basket or the flower pot or vase you have sitting around.

Personally I love picking fresh flowers in my garden and keeping them in a vintage silver stainless steel pitcher on the counter.

Utensil holder is a great way to add instant beauty along with several matching canisters. Remember to coordinate them with the rest of your kitchen accessories, either by color or texture or pattern.

I love throwing fresh fruit in a one of a kind vintage container or large dish, especially one that adds a fun color that pops on the counter space.

Coffee….oh we start our day with it and therefore that space should be extra special. Using a tray in the coffee area will automatically organize the space and show off those handmade vintage coffee mugs that bring you joy. you love so much.

I have a window right above my deep farmers sink and love looking outside while rinsing dishes and washing my hands. Having that small flower planter on the window sill in case there is not much going on outside always brings a smile to my face.

Everyone has their own style when it comes to kitchen counters. There is not right or wrong. We always encourage at My40YearCollection that as long as it brings you joy it will work.

Our Etsy Shop My40YearCollection has numerous kitchen counter top accessories to update your kitchen with and give it the vibe you enjoy.

If you are looking to decorate your kitchen counters check out our etsy shop for great handmade, vintage and repurposed kitchen items.

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