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My Mother-In-Law’s Addition to My 40 Year Collection

I hope everyone is having a great start to September. I have been busy as usual. To add to my chaos, my husband just returned from Charlotte, where he was emptying out his childhood home. His mom passed away a month or so ago. She lived a full life, passing at the age of 95. She was a special and very beautiful lady. Her home is old victorian style brick home in Charlotte, and it was filled with treasures. Part of the things in the home belonged to my husband. My husband and his siblings are getting ready to sell the home. He rented a Penske truck and went up there to collect all that he wanted, otherwise it would have ended up in trash somewhere. That would really make my heart break, as I am passionate for timeless things. Right? A women that took care of herself the way my Mother In Law did, only chose the best.

In the coming weeks, months most likely, I will be revealing these treasures and sharing them with you in My 40 Year Collection Etsy Shop. Some items will be pick up only as they are too big to ship.

I have already posted things from one of the boxes I opened. Here they are.

Anchor Hocking Berwick Emerald Green Iced Tea Glasses, a set of 6

Do you remember growing up and these gems would be brought out only on special occassion? I sure do. Green is my favorite color and they just add a pop of color to any decor, eclectic, rustic, farmhouse. Why not, right?

Valmont China Briar Rose Set; Made in Japan; Fine China Dining Set for 4

How dainty and delicate is this beautiful set, right? I can not help but think of that cup of afternoon peach tea I love so much with a scone. Growing up in Belgrade, Serbia we used these tea cups for coffee. Real coffee. It is custom to have Turkish coffee. Most people have smaller coffee cups for Turskish coffee since it is so strong. Being young and loving that natural caffeine, I was used to having my coffee in this type of porcelain, fine china coffee cup. My friends loved to turn the cup over after they were done, so I can read them their coffee grinds and tell them their future. That is a gift I inherited from my grandmother.

Vintage M Design Mariehult Sweden Creamer and Sugar Bowl Set

I just love the pattern of these two. Who knows, there could be more of this in the boxes I still need to open.

It is so exciting opening these boxes and finding timeless things. These are it for now, but I will keep everyone posted as to all other treasures I come across from Mother In Law's Addition to My 40 Year Collection.

For more vintage dining platters, glasses, plates visit our Etsy Shop, My 40 Year Collection! If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I am able!

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