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How a Birdhouse indoors can vivefy a space

There is something very dear about birdhouses that always takes me back to my childhood. My mother had a top shelf on her porch filled with different types of birdhouses. I loved this space and would sit on the porch admiring different types of birdhouses for hours.

There are plenty of design ideas for bird houses, yet for me vintage birdhouses make a really awesome accessory for the home. Most importantly for those that live in cities and do not have a balcony or access to any outdoor garden space, a birdhouse is a great way to bring nature in.

Common thought is that most people get birdhouses because they want to feed the birds, and they want to bring birds to their gardens. They want to add life to a small porch by encouraging birds to visit there. They enjoy the peace of watching the birds from their windows.

People who do love regular birdhouses should always choose their birdhouses wisely, select ones that really enhance the decor of the space. Most importantly choose a birdhouse that says something about who you are and brings you joy. A simple detail like a birdhouse can make a space in your home look complete. Using birdhouses to put on display in the home is a great accessory, and should be a fun one at that.

Displaying birdhouses set against some colorful and bold furniture brings a great contrast and a full retro look.

There are birdhouses that are seasonal and for the holidays. Displaying your collection of birdhouses is always a great way to show off your unique interests and style.

You don't have to have an entire collection of birdhouses to show them off as decor in the room. You really only need one great birdhouse possibly in color or texture that can be replicated throughout the space. Again fun way to bring nature in and have fun with the decor.

If you love birdhouses, as we do, then I'd definitely recommend starting your own collection and showing them off around your home. For starteres you can visit our etsy shop, My 40 Year Collection for some handmade, vintage and repurposed birdhouses.

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