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Five Vintage Gift Ideas that will bring JOY to anyone

The holiday’s just passed and our shop, My 40 Year Collection was filled with an assortment of one of a kind, unique, classic, and vintage gift items for everyone. Grandmother, mom, dad, child and that special someone in your life.

We find ourselves looking for a gift that has more meaning than something new, like a shirt, frame or perfume. When you give someone a gift you try to capture a memory, a moment and most importantly bring the recipient joy in that moment that they will cherish forever.

As Valentines day approaches and love is in the air, it is all about flowers, pink, red, sparkly and feminine. In our shop we have an exclusive selection of vintage and antique home decor, art and jewelry to choose from. Not only for Valentines day but for any occasion in which a gift is required we are here to suggest and offer a variety.

Here are five gift ideas that are sure to bring JOY.

Vintage Enesco 1983 Porcelain Ballerina Figurine Collectible Figurine Cake Topper Gift for Ballerina

This adorable figurine would speak loud and bring a smile to a child that is taking ballet lessons or is a ballerina.

Vintage Set of Heart Shaped Jewelry Boxes with Lid Bisque Color and Hand Painted Flowers

This magnificent set for a couple will remind them of that special day they chose love for eternity.

Willow Tree Figurine "Thank You" by Susan Lordi

Willow Tree figurines speak volume and Susan Lordi has a talent for expressing feelings so deep without facial features. This Thank You wall mounting figurine is a perfect gift of gratitude.

Vintage Charm Bracelet. School Theme - Classic TOFA 1995 slider

The charm bracelet with the school theme is a wonderful gift idea for the teacher that you will always remember, the one that had significant impact on the choices you made in life.

Vintage Hand Painted Betson Japan Trinket Box Porcelain Vanity Box

This amazing vanity box is porcealin and hand painted with such detail. A gift for your mother. She will look at this trinket box and think of you such warmth and joy her child has brought her.

These are only five of many wonderful gift ideas our shop has to offer. Click on the link above, Etsy Shop to visit and preview an assortment of antique and vintage home decor, art and jewelry items we offer and many gift ideas.

Thank you for reading our blog and visiting My40YearCollection. Feel free to always drop us a line, ask a question and inquire about gift ideas. We will be more than happy to suggest an item. Often we have in our shop more than is listed online.

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