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Faux Flowers - Top 8 Reasons to Love them

Artificial flowers or faux flowers as I like to refer to them in the past often looked cheap and obviously fake. More often they would fray and the vibrant colors faded.

Nowadays, faux flowers look incredibly realistic. They are made differently and using different materials. You’d be surprised to see, and sometimes even smell, how realistic faux flowers can now be. They range from silk flowers, foam flowers and plastic flowers to paper flowers and those made from latex.

Faux Lavander Plant in a vintage ceramic pot - My40YearCollection shop

Through the lens of a camera you could not tell the difference. Most TV shows have been utilizing faux flowers for some time. In marketing and through photography of flowers where they are vivid and colorful, what is behind them is faux flowers, and not real.

Even one of HGTV favorites Joanna Gaines stated that while she loves to use fresh greenery and flowers, she says she also understands that real plants can be high-maintenance and impractical, which is why she likes to use faux flowers and even sells them in bulk at Magnolia Market.

Here are 8 reasons to fall in love with them and their benefits.

1. Hassle Free

You can order them online from your couch, have them delivered to you and arrange them at your convenience. This works great when the occasion calls for them like wedding, christening or engagement party. You can get them well in advance giving you plenty of time to focus on other matters for these occasions.

Silk hydrangea flower in clear glass vase with faux water - My40YearCollection Etsy shop

2. Allergen Free

Faux flowers look like fresh stems but without the pollen or fragrance. Yes we all enjoy the fragrance of a fresh flower, but not when you suffer from allergies therefore having sniffles and itchy eyes due them. This more often is a case when there is a large gathering, party, or a wedding, therefore you do not have to deal with the repercussions of allergies.

3. Realistic

Many of you will say this is tacky as they are obviously fake. Not if you choose the ones that are strikingly real in appearance. We have a variety of selective faux flower arrangements in our My40YearCollection etsy shop, and very often guests will have to take a second look to make sure they are not real. Choosing the highest quality of artificial flower will eliminate the option of someone thinking they are tacky.

Silk flower arrangement in a wheel barrow - My40YearCollection Etsy Shop

4. Low Maintenance

This should be the top reason. You do not have to worry about watering them, they are not wilting in the sunlight. You do not have to worry while you are away for someone to make sure to water them. Best part no soil necessary, no water, no sunlight and yet still eye catching and breathtaking.

5. Everlasting

I received a faux flower arrangement of daisies when I gave birth to my twin daughters. I still keep this arrangement on my bedside table, and it looks the same as it did the day I got them. The daisy continually reminds me of that special day and every time I look at it I remember that special day.

6. Favorite flowers all year round

There are seasonal flowers that could be your favorite and you would like to surround yourself with them. This is where the faux flowers come in. You can have them any time in any color you prefer all year round.

Silk Pink Rose Flower Arrangement in a ceramic pot - My40YearCollection Etsy Shop

7. Affordable

Faux flowers are more affordable and they bring more worth to your wallet as you pay one price and have them forever. Now that is a bargain.

8. Durable

I am sure we have all had situation where we would bring flowers home and the next day their color is turning, they start to wilt or start to fall apart. This is not the case with faux flower. There is so many diy’s one can do with faux flowers, creating flower arrangements, wreaths, garlands, etc. Those creations and designs will last a lifetime.

Faux lavender arrangement in clear glass vase with faux water - My40YearCollection Etsy Shop

There are numerous ways to use faux flowers throughout your home or office in many inventive and interesting ways, and this way creating new memories. If you feel like you are not the creative type, take a look in our etsy shop My40YearCollection, as we have a variety of faux flower arrangement that will light up any space and have your guest think twice if they are real or faux.

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