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Dozen Reasons to Shop on Etsy in a Vintage shop like My40YearCollection

Every day we seek our technical devices in search of that one item, wether it is a gift, or a home decor or a piece you need for a particular situation. All kinds of individuals are continually searching the web for products. It could be a mother for a gift for a child, and executive looking for a prop for a TV show or a movie, or a home decorator looking for that one piece to connect the entire composition of a room. The possibilities are endless. So many unique, timeless and quality items are listed all over Etsy with vintage shop owners. Most of the Etsy vintage shops are genuine and have been doing this as a hobby, business or simply as a passion for them, not only in United States but all over the world.

Personal experience has given our shop gratitude that these timeless treasures have found their forever owners. From customers ordering gifts and mailing them to their significant and loved one, to persons looking for particular items for their home or as a special gift.

So many times we have stage designer and prop seeker looking for products for a TV show, movie or home staging.

On occasion it was the customers browsing that they have come across our shop, My40YearCollection, that a listed item took them back in time and brought them joy and nostalgia to a memory or an event they just had to have that in hope to relive that memory.

Just the same there have been collector of particular items that were astonished and pleased that they were able to find this particular piece in our shop on Etsy, My40YearCollection.

Here are reviews of these astounding reviews of these amazing moments that brought the customers joy, taking them back in time bringing joy with timeless and nostalgia items for their ccasions:

Gifts for significant others:

Set of 4 Italian Leonard Crystal Coasters for friends in a different state

Vintage Cast Iron Rooster Door Knocker for in-laws who love chickens

Vintage Tiara Amber Glass Pig Serving Dish for a dear friend

Perfect home decor item Antique Foot Tub Soap Holder That perfect Home Decor item of high quality you can not find now, Vintage Victorian Style Decorative Throw Pillow

Individuals looking for that particular piece like this Vintage Display Case

And then there is this review of a planter…like there are so many to choose from online, but this one was waiting for her, as it was perfect, and exactly what she was looking for:

Even though it’s not prime, many of the Etsy Vintage shops will deliver your items in a short period of time as My40YearCollection has done in this event and as most of the time with free delivery to United States Customers.

The collectors are simply amazed of the unique items they find in Vintage shops, like our My40YearCollection:

Photographers, stage designer and costume director are constantly looking all over for a special piece to complete their composition, as this customer has with this Vintage Ceramic Pedestal Cake Stand

Or this Math Textbook from the 1970's that needed to be expedited ASAP as it was for a TV Show.

You will find that once you shop Vintage you will come back as this customer keeps checking for more unique items she found in My40YearCollection, and ones she gets compliments from family and friend from all the time…

Moments when certain products sell and the review and response relates to a memory from their past is thrilling and what makes owning a Vintage shop on Etsy so memorable, as this was the case with the Mattel Barbie Radio:

Last, and never the least, are those looking for special gifts as this mother was for her child during Christmas, and she was able to find the Vintage Wooden Tiger Clock her son so much wanted from Santa.

These are only a dozen, and there are so many more. It does not cost you anything to take a look, it's like going through your grandmas attic or treasure will be amazed at the fabulous vintage and antique iteme you will find. Our motto states in our Fall banner. Take a look, visit our Etsy shop, favor it and you will always keep informed of the new finds we are adding daily. There is also our social media platform that you can access from our link is the link:

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