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A Simple Guide to Shopping for Vintage Items

Vintage finds can be a perfect piece to complete your home decor, or a collection. From our experience the vintage piece usually finds you, rather than, you looking for it and finding it. That is why we passionately believe that vintage items are true treasures and they are a thrill to find.

Before you start your search for that particular item you are thinking about adding to your home or your collection there are several places you can look for them. Don’t limit yourself to that well-known vintage store near you. Thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, flea markets and even online consignment shops are some of the places where you can snag an awesome antique and vintage finds. Another new and unique place is Etsy. Our Etsy shop that sells vintage, handmade and repurposed items is called My40YearCollection. Check us out.

It is important when you do venture out to have a list of items you are thinking about adding to your home, or even your collection. This way you can focus on things that you actually need rather then be tempted to buy collectables and items that don’t have a purpose in your life. If you do, you will find yourself with a variety of too many items that at some point you will decide to create an online shop called My40YearCollection. (Hope you are laughing….)

Knowing the time frame and design of that vintage item you are looking for as well as a rough price point will be tremendously helpful in avoiding paying too much for an item that is replica or not even from the time frame you are thinking about. Talk to local antique dealers, watch videos, and read about them before you decide to buy. This will help you identify the right item, material, creator, designer and be confident in distinguishable marks.

Most importantly always purchase items that bring you joy. The ones that you will enjoy having in your home, ones that spark a memory and fit in with your decor. There are many things that are trendy, overpriced and they will eventually go out of style. Stick to items that fit with you, your home, your style and interests and you will not be wrong.

When you do come across that treasure that brings you joy, do not be afraid to ask the seller any question about it, especially if you are doing your shopping on our handmade, vintage, repurposed Etsy shop My40YearCollection. There might not be enough pictures, or your computer monitor might show a color in different light than it actually is, there might not be an angel of the item you are interested in purchasing or there is not enough information about it for you to make a decision. Be sure to get all your answers before buying.

When shopping in person always examine your item thouroughly, and if there are any issues or damages do not hesitate to inquire about lowering the price of that item, after all, very few vintage items are in mint condition.

Do not hesitate to haggle. It might seem that vintage shops have set prices, but it does not hurt to ask if you can go lower on the price. We at My40YearCollection are always open to reasonable offers.

Last and most importantly be patient. You do not want to have buyers remorse. Remember that finding the right item takes patience, and more often than not, the vintage item finds you. In our shop we encourage our customers to check back frequently as our inventory constantly is changing and we are adding new items daily.

Thanks for reading, check out our Etsy.Shop.My40YearCollection for treasures that are looking for you.

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