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9 Collectible things available in My40YearCollection

Collecting things for many is a hobby, while others do it from passion and often not even realizing you are collecting things. Nostalgia and memories also play a great part in this.

For years I have purchased a postcard from every place I have visited and my family and friends know that if they are away to mail me a postcard. After 30 plus years, I realized that I have in my possession probably over five thousand postcards from different places and different time periods. In conclusion collecting needs to start from the heart.

If you're looking for new things to collect as a hobby, there's something for everyone. My40YearCollection is exactly that, for years of collecting and acquiring things that bring us joy at this point we decided to share our treasures with those that appreciate these pieces and are looking to fill their collection.

Here are just 9 collectibles things that can bring you value are collected and can be found in our My40YearCollection Etsy store

Novelty Barware

Barware sets depending on materials and style could have great value. Remember, if you have a novelty barware item, it may be worth more, unique items like corkscrews with women's legs, cocktail shakers in the different shape, fish-shaped bottle openers, etc. My40YearCollection has interesting glass cork stoppers that would enhance your barware look like this Vintage Cobalt Blue Hand Blown Glass Decanter Stopper

Depression Glass

Depression glass is usually an affordable hobby. Colored glassware in desirable patterns like Cameo or American Sweetheart have great value, unusual pieces or shapes may be worth a premium. My40YearCollection has an entire section of Depression Glass items, some very affordable and other rare like these Vintage Set of 4 Ribbon Green Hazel Atlas Green Depression Glass Dessert Bowls

Original Paintings

Aside from original masterpieces paintings collecting original paintings could be extremely valuable. Especially equestrian paintings, pictures of famous people, and beautiful scenes. Paintings with signatures and those in beautiful frames, those things can add value. Some examples are worth millions, but it's common to find paintings worth hundreds or thousands of dollars if they are high quality and desirable. Paintings are among the most valuable items on Antiques Roadshow too. My40YearCollection is passionate about art both vintage and shop owners. My40YearCollection has an entire section of Wall Decor and original artwork. Recently featured is this Vintage Original Watercolor Geese Flying Over Beach Marsh from a Florida Artist.


As I mentioned previously I am a postcard collector Before you toss that old postcard collection, rethink. Cards that show holiday themes, famous people, unique moments in history and advertising on them, as well with matte printing could have value. My40YearCollection has dedicated a section for postcards under Books and Ephemera, like this 1940 Henry Grady Hotel Atlanta, Georgia Linen Postcard.

Cast Iron Doorstops

Doorstops are no longer in use much. Cast iron doorstops especially in a charming shape, may be worth a fortune. My40YearCollection loves cast iron things and has in our Metal section several doorstops like this Vintage Cast Iron Rooster. It could be used as a book end or a door stop, pretty enough to display.

Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

Antique chandeliers and light fixtures are another example of salvaged architectural features that can be worth a great deal. Street lighting and ship lights also have amazing charm and value. My40YearCollection has recently added this salvaged Rare Antique Solid Bronze Wall Mount Light Fixture Sconce from a ship for a restoration project.

Old Tools and Toolboxes

We all have antique hand tools in our garage. Tools in good shape with patina but no real damage and brand, like Stanley can be especially hot with collectors. Toolboxes are also valuable with old wooden models. My40YearCollection has left this Antique Stanley Bailey No 5 US APR-19-10 Smoothing Wood Plane Tool

China Sets

Nearly everyone has a set of china inherited from an older relative. Some china sets are actually extremely valuable, like Spode, Wedgwood, and other important names. My40YearCollection has left in our shop this Vintage Gigi by China Pearl Tea Time Table Setting

Perfume Bottles

Antique perfume bottles came in many different styles and materials. They are beautiful with gorgeous glass and crystal, as well as bottles made from stone. Some are Victorian glass and sterling silver. My40YearCollection has Vintage Matson Rose Floral Ormolu Crystal Perfume Bottle with Dauber in Gold and Brass.

With so much stuff to collect, it can be hard to choose! But whether something from this list of collectable items catches your eye or you come up with your own collection, check our My40YearCollection for vintage, handmade and repurposed items that can be added to your collection.

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