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4 Simple Ways for a Wall to become a Canvas

Being an artist wall has always been a large canvas for me. I love seeing what people display on their walls, and in many cases it is an expression of their inner being. There are so many choices out there and ways to mix media. Commonly we think of family portraits on a wall, diplomas and art. Mixing things up on your walls makes a much more interesting space, especially if it’s something unexpected.

The options are countless on what can bee seen on a wall. Many times paint is a good start and certain rooms people would have an accent wall, meaning they would paint it in a different color, giving the room more depth and emphasizing that particular area. Wall paper is also very popular to be placed on an accent wall. One of my favorites is a stencil pattern on an accent wall.

In my home upon entry is a wall that has family photos. The photos are candid and that is what I like about them, in different sizes with different frames that compliment each other. There is a surprise, a vintage lion head door knocker that just blends well. Animal heads are one of the options we mount as wall decor. Some people love it, and others not so much. Kitchen would be a place where one would see a farm animal on the wall. Like this great Vintage Ceramic Rooster Mold Dish that can be mounted.

Another idea that is great is having a wall with old, vintage and antique mirrors. My mom has a wall with this idea and it really compliments the sitting area the mirror are shown. Mirror give depth and can be very interesting.

Cubbies and wall mounting display cases are trendy and can really add to a space. It is a great way to display collectibles, memorabilia and knick knacks that bring you joy. Here is a Wooden Display Case that resembles a Chicken Coop, available in our Etsy Shop My 40 Year Collection.

Placing art on a wall is most common and typical wall decor, yet one that can really speak volumes. Having a piece of art of your choice is a reflection of your ideals, interests and aspirations. It is a way to mirror who you are as a person in a creative way. It has the ability to affect emotions; art can make a person feel happy, sad, angry or joyful whenever they look at it. It is because of this that many people may be ruled by their emotions more than any other reason when it comes to choosing a piece of artwork. There are numerous art pieces done by me available for sale in our Etsy Shop as well as on

There are so many wonderful wall decor ideas. If you are like me there is so much you want to do, mostly because I appreciate so many styles, color, patterns and ideas. Most importantly let the wall bring you joy, and feel free to mix it up, add your signature. We at My 40 Year Collection always say if it brings you joy, buy it, do it, own it.

Visit our Etsy Shop My 40 Year Collection, we have a variety of art work, wall mounting items and some classic pieces that can be added to your wall. Feel free to comment with your suggestions and other wonderful ideas.

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