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3 Easy Tricks that will make a kitchen go from modern to farmhouse in an instant

Does your heart skip a beat when you walk into a place and that deja vu feeling comes over your shoulders? A home from the outside gives you a glimpse of what to expect, but more often than not that is not the case. You pull up to a builder grade home that has that contemporary feel, yet when you step inside a whole different world.

My mother has that selective touch to her decor and collectibles with a farmhouse warm feeling. It brings me joy to see the cozy pastel colors, distressed wood, galvanized buckets, farm animal decor and flowers all over. Furnishing country elements with a modern spin, blending clean lines, neutral color palettes, layered textures and natural material gives you a space with a timeless look that is bursting with joy and character. This is something that has been entwined in my being and always makes me feel warm.

Touching a contemporary space with a farmhouse accents provides a perfect interaction between old, or as I like to say Vintage, and new. It is a perfect way to add a cozy and welcome feel to any home.

Our Etsy shop My 40 Year Collection has a selective assortment of items that can cultivate your love for modern into a farmhouse decor.

Let us start with those big bright white kitchens with crisp clean lines. They are so cool and contemporary, but not so cozy. They seem like no one is cooking in them, right? I personally spend most of my time in there so I need it to feel warm and cozy, and hope you do too.

Here are those 3 tricks that add a crisp and fresh spin on any space, particularly to that modern brand new build home.

Those 3 tricks are materials that will make that space burst with joy and become so inviting.

Wood -

That big white kitchen needs a touch of color. Introducing an accent color or two on top of a black-and-white foundation, would give any modern space a down-home, farm-like cozy feel. For that you can hang a color handwritten sign and an original hand painted acrylic on wood of a pig, chicken or sheep that would give it a different feel. Taking the color used on the wall wooden sign you can add wash cloths, flowers and even place mats that compliment it.

Metals -

My favorite is metal. As most farmhouse designs they mix metallic textures to give a space a lift and spark its life. Mixing metals like copper, brass, iron and chrome can never be wrong and just gives it wisdom. Adding a repurposed solid brass trivet on your stove and an Antique Brass Small Water Pitcher or a vintage copper tea kettle all feels intentional, thanks to the consistent shiny finish that can be seen throughout. Galvanized bucket, copper planters and brass trinket dishes.

Green -

One might assume that adding cozy character to a stark black-and-white kitchen would be a challenge. But think again! This one is really easy. It’s easy to add fresh farmhouse style to a contemporary kitchen simply by incorporating elements such as flowers, fruits and plants. Using a brass planter or a vintage wooden succulent planter is a beaze. Placing fresh avocados, jalapeños or even carrots on a vintage platter is a cinch.

There you have it. This is a great start, and I am sure you have these things somewhere hidden or in your family attic or storage space, so bring them out. If not My40YearCollection etsy shop offers affordable and selective pieces to give that modern kitchen a farmhouse twist with similar items described.

We are constantly updating our inventory and have clients, like interior decorators, stagers, etc for whom we treasure hunt so do not hesitate to reach out and ask. We love what we do and are glad to be able to share it with you.

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